Year of the Unicorn

Our fifth and final release of 2018 is our best hazy IPA yet. The late additions of Azacca and (and a little Ella) provide tropical and floral notes. The spelt and white wheat gives the beer a bright, creamy body and mouthfeel. Mmmm, creamy mouthfeel.

Mind Fuzz

New, improved and floaty free! Mind Fuzz is our take on a true-to-style NEIPA, featuring Citra, El Dorado and Motueka hops.

Phantom Strata Conflict

Toast your annoying neighbours with this Nordic Hazy IPA brewed with Norwegian Kveik yeast and the newcomer, Strata hops. Expect notes of citrus, fresh berry, dank herbals, and small talk in the parking lot.

Side Hustle

We up and quit our day jobs to brew this Sour Hazy IPA, pumping an already full-bodied IPA with Motueka and Ella hops for a refreshing, tropical tartness to complement that rich bitterness.

Alter Ego

Just in time for 4/20 and in celebration of legalization (which we’re still totally amazed by), Alter Ego is dank AF, hoppy as hell, and showcasing the classic hop combo of Columbus, Chinook and Simcoe, with a wee bit of Citra for a splash of the juice. At a reasonable, non-too-hefty 6.8%, you’ll be three deep of these before you realize you’re in a totally different psychic universe – THE DRUNKENVERSE.

Resolution Solution

Resolution Solution is a big, bold and balance, with chocolate and roasty notes, and a dry refreshing finish. Essential for nursing the inevitable disappointment of failing your New Years resolution.


Behold SPACE FORCE!! Triple IPA in all its glory. Our biggest beer yet at 10.1%, it’s bright and light orange like some galactic lazer beam vanquishing your enemies. It’s loaded with late addition Medusa hops and a little Citra thrown in for good measure, featuring massive citrus bite, with peach, orange and apricot notes.

Virtuous Pineapple

Our collab with Virtuous Pie uses their pizza flour in the kettle, giving this IPA a bright hazy profile. El Dorado was used in the dry hop, giving it a citrus and pineapple aroma. There’s a slight bitterness that’s balanced by juicy sweetness due, in part, by the pizza flour. No fruit was added, just hops.

No. 1

Our first IPA features a generous addition of aromatic hops giving this hazy brew massive tropical notes right upfront. Light-bodied and very refreshing, it finishes off crisp with a slight, lingering bitterness.